Talk about interesting people, their activities and habits through the contents of a personal backpack or bag.

The pioneer of our new rubric was Anna Praht, co-founder and brand manager.

"Like any woman, especially a woman leader, I don't belong 100%. Work and children added funny things to my backpack, making its content unexpected even for me" - says Anna.

There are a lot of ARNY PRAHT accessories in your backpack: pencil case, wallet, passport cover, traveler. Is it a kind of patriotism? Do you have accessories from other designers in your arsenal?

- There are things that I test (this is a must-have stage, our team always checks the test samples) some things stay with me for a long time, because they are very practical accessories and are more comfortable with them, but what is not for me, I return to the office of the company with comments. But perhaps we can also talk about patriotism, because I do not have other brands of accessories :) It does not occur to me to buy something "on the side" when you can create everything you need.

The first thing that catches the eye is boxing gloves. Is it real, being a founder of a company and a mother of two children, to do such a serious sport as boxing? Why him?

- I would even say that developing business and having small children, it is simply necessary to be engaged in sports! To balance the energy, to have personal time, to finally have strength at a high pace. Boxing was close to me in spirit, it has a lot of strategy and philosophy. I'm also fired up by competitions, and it's better to measure strength in the ring than in life.

Laptop and diary. What kind of planning is closer to you? It is believed that nowadays handwritten notes are a relic of the past.

- Glider and books will forever remain paper for me - a different perception of information and for me a more lively and effective. In my laptop I have my favorite, most powerful and honest tool - exel.

Your backpack has sunglasses, but no umbrella. Are you sure you live in St. Petersburg?)

- Hahaha! Yes, I'm an optimist. You can always ask for someone under an umbrella, but it would hurt to be unprepared for a sunny day.

Match tea and beetroot chips. Useful products of your diet or a special history of their appearance in your backpack?

- I brought my matcha from Japan, on an industrial scale, I drink during the day, it's very invigorating. Beetroot chips are my favorite (you should try it, it's "Vkusvill"). But they can be nuts and flags, some kind of snack. I haven't had lunch for many years, because it's a pity of the most productive time and because I don't have time to get very hungry. A light snack in the car and an early dinner is my comfort diet.

Is the white T-shirt a training uniform that is always with you or your predisposition to a capsule wardrobe?

- The white T-shirt is the base of the entire wardrobe! I was lucky, I found the perfect one in Uniqlo. I'm wearing it to the office, the lounge and the evening event, too. The perfect simple thing, just like I like it.

A corkscrew. Interesting thing for a person who practically does not have time in the schedule to relax, why carry it with you?

- Once upon a time, I finished a sommelier course, and since then good wines have found me everywhere. And in St. Petersburg and on trips. You have to be ready! It's also very convenient to have a knife at hand, in a world where everything is dirty in packaging.

The book "Principles" by Ray Dalio. What's it about? What thesis could you highlight in it and share it with our subscribers?

- It's a huge book that impressed me a lot. For one thing, it's very practical. Secondly, it was written by someone whose life results are respected. The book is about the fact that it's impossible and unnecessary to know everything. But it is possible to have principles - the deep beliefs on which the behavior of a person is based, allowing him to get what he wants from life. They can be applied again and again in similar situations to achieve a goal.

50% of the things in your backpack are the things of your babies. Which of them are the most important things that never come out of the backpack?

- Of course the hats! Because I'm a mother, and it's my sacred duty to say, put on a hat.

Without what item in your backpack, you can't imagine your life?

- I can't imagine my life without my foreign passport. In unfamiliar cities I draw inspiration, thoughts, recipes, images and myself. Other people, other cities, other cultures, all this increases your amplitude, and always wins the one whose picture of the world is wider.


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