In St. Petersburg, the second month of spring is filled with calendar events and good mood: you didn’t have time to move away from the unrestrained fun on April 1; And this means that according to tradition, in the birthday party shop, the action will take place all day long.


We are waiting for you and your friends to drop in ;)

And we are pleased to recall the terms of the promotion:

  • By purchasing three products, you getting a product with lowest price as a gift;
  • Other promotions are not cumulative with this offer;
  • Gift certificates do not participate in the 1+1=3 promotion;
  • Loyalty program members can use bonus points;
  • The promotion is valid only in the ARNY PRAHT brand store in the Europolis shopping center all day April 6 to 22.00;
  • The reservation service for goods in a store located in the Europolis shopping center is not available on this day.

Brand store ARNY PRAHT
Address: St. Petersburg, SEC Europolis, Polyustrovsky pr. 84A, 2nd floor, from 10:00 to 22:00 tel. +7(911)919-52-91

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