Supporting the concept of the second life of things, conscious consumption and respect for the environment, the St. Petersburg brands ARNY PRAHT and POLYARUS have teamed up to give a second life to advertising banners, making them durable and comfortable bags-shoppers.

We see similar banners every day in shopping centers and on the facades of houses, as soon as the stores open and replace the temporary sign with a permanent one - the banners go to the trash. But not in this case.

Banners that advertised the opening of ARNY PRAHT bags and backpacks stores in shopping centers in St. Petersburg now became accessories themselves. The POLYARUS project, which is known for its design approach to reworking the usual things, was engaged in the production of bags: bicycle and car cameras, seat belts and other durable materials are used.

ARNY PRAHT, who participated in the collaboration, is also actively developing in the direction of eco-friendly production: the brand’s bags are sewn without using materials of animal origin, and the company does not use plastic in the packaging of goods:

“The topic of recycling has always been relevant for us, as for manufacturers, because reasonable use of resources is the key to profitable technology.
We recycle our customers' old bags, we develop accessories from fabric remnants and now, thanks to our partners from POLYARUS, we have found a worthy use for old banners.

Old things in the new version give a very interesting sensations and emotions. With their presence they remind you of your best qualities, awareness, participation, making you a man of the future.
These shoppers remind me about our first store, banners were just from there. A lot of good emotions. I want to share. ”- Anna Praht, co-owner of ARNY PRAHT

The limited collection of shoppers will go on sale in the online store and brand shops ARNY PRAHT in Moscow and St. Petersburg on May 23 limited edition, each bag is made in a unique design.

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