No, we are not moving away from the concept of eco-leather bags and backpacks, we are just experimenting, and this experiment seems to be a successful one!

Today we are launching our first collection of backpacks and waist bags made of waterproof textile. The name of the collection “Street Fashion” was chosen for a reason: when it was created, our team was inspired by the views and forms of European streets. The practicality and versatility of each product reminds us of the Germans’ pragmatic approach to fashion so every new bag is named after the street types in German.

Backpack STRASS (from the German “Straße” - “Street”) is the largest and most spacious one in the collection, it will fit everything you need and even more.
Small and neat DURCH (from the German “Durchreise” - “Passage”) - for those who live light and lead a mobile lifestyle.

The long and narrow waist bag ALLEE (alley) is an unusual shape and practical design.
And the smallest waist bag SPUR (lane) - when you do not need to have a lot of things with you.

The collection is already available for purchase in our company stores and on the website of the ARNY PRAHT online store.


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