August 2019 will become historically important for ARNY PRAHT, because it was brand’s largest client day of all time was held on the first Saturday of the month on the Vasileostrovsky market. It took us two whole weeks to realize this! We reviewed photos, listened to your feedback, communicated with partners. Now we remember everything and put it all together in a single picture!

And this picture, fortunately for all of us, consists of the fact that we work for the best customers in the world! More than 5,000 ARNY PRAHT clients spent a day off with us. Opening the doors of the site at exactly 12.00 we saw familiar faces at OUT OF DOORS, which meant only one thing: over the five years of the brand’s existence, we have got a real family!

And with this family we cracked all records. For the whole day we sold more than 600 products and this has never happened before! And the very next day, the ARNY PRAHT team noticed that the city became even brighter and more colorful with our bags and backpacks ;).

We tried very hard to make the OUT OF DOORS client day as atmospheric as possible so that everyone who knows us will once again feel and understand the essence of the brand, the ideas and goals that we pursue. This was helped by friends who gave lectures on the style: Alexandra Dobryanskaya, the stylist Poli WOW, on informed consumption: Anton Rykachevsky from the project 99recycle and social activity — the Anton's Right Here Center.

The uniqueness of OUT OF DOORS 2019 was presented by specially invited guests — artists who were able to make the bags of many customers unique using an author's print. Mad.Wear, Lia Shahnitskaya and Elena Noire did not even have time to make everyone happy, but we have a feeling that this was not the last such action ;). The guys from the Flower Bureau supported the summer mood, teaching a master class on creating buttonholes! Exactly one day, as part of our Party, a men's accessory has become popular among girls ;).

The partners — Bullevie Cidre and the Love you so matcha teahouse, who at any moment were ready to disinterestedly treat all guests of the holiday, helped to keep a charge of energy. For this we thank them very much!

And of course it is simply impossible to imagine an OUT OF DOORS party without music. This year we invited the popular electro-pop group NADIA, which was able to captivate everyone with extraordinary music, and after it was picked up by DJ Alisa Shavrova with the final dance DJ set.

For the safety and purity of the holiday, we thank the Titan Security Company and Cleaning.SPb - you are the most important people at our celebration!

And Busy House, for being able to provide leisure to the smallest guests of the client's day ;)

ARNY PRAHT's OUT OF DOORS is already the third time. We do not like to change traditions, therefore you know where we will meet again next summer!

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