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This March we took a part in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia for the first time. Three months have already passed from this loud event, but the interest in the “SHANGHAI” collection has not subsided until now. ARNY PRAHT bags designed by Alexei Volegov have participated in several competitions, visited the shooting in China, where the collection idea was born, and now (finally) full of the attention of fashion critics, got to our online store!

The acid colors of the hieroglyphs were chosen by the author not only because of the trend for futuristic shades. “Shanghai is a quite bright and Europeanized city. It it full of the light of bright trinkets, store signs and their style of dress in the daytime and turns into a LED disco ball at night, which is poured by these bright colors: yellow, fuchsia and blue,” explains Alexey Volyogov.

Almost every model is presented in a single copy. Touch the world of high fashion with the ARNY PRAHT podium accessory: Asia and bright colors are the new black this summer ;).


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